STEP 1: Create an account

  • Click on the Registration button at the top and fill in all required information (you can also sign up using your social accounts).
  • Once registered, you would get an email. Click on the link to confirm your email address.
  • Complete your registration by logging in and completing all forms (Personal Information, Lifestyle information, Finding Criter

STEP 2: Finding a match

  • Once registration has been completed. Click on “Browse users” which is located on the top menu.
  • A list of users would appear. You have a choice of going through all the users one after the other or using the filter at the left to narrow your search.
  • Click on the name/picture of anyone you find interested and it will direct you to their full profile.
  • If after reading through their profile, you still find them interested, click on the green thumbs up button on their profile.
  • This will automatically send them a request, they would in turn look at your profile and if interested would accept your request.

STEP 3: Messaging/Chatting

  • Once you both are friends, you can access each other on the chatting platform where you can ask more questions and share your direct contact info (we advise our users to ask as many questions as possible especially for unverified users).