About us

We are Roomies Connect!

The first Roommate matching service in Nigeria (and a few African Countries). This website was created the day the founder had a need for the service and was lost. Every day in the continent, there are millions of people looking to rent an apartment and perhaps with a second party (if you notice, renting a 2+bedroom could be relatively cheaper, than renting a one bedroom).

Therefore, that’s where we come in, by helping you find the right person.

As you may know Life’s better when you share it… Living with the right person/people beats living on your own any day, anytime. So allow us to help you with finding that person/people you click with. We believe that roommate search experience should be easy and fun, rather than tiring and vague.



Use our database of registered roommates to search for someone like you. From the dropdown search box, click on what type your searching for (Roomie-Roomie, Roomie-Room, Room-Roomie) and location. Our proprietary algorithm will match your personality, lifestyle and preferences with other prospective roommates (If using Advanced search which has further search filters to match specific requirements).


Just like a normal matching website, if you see what you like simple Click the “Like” button on profiles of those you are interested in and if it’s mutual, they will Like back which creates a “Match”. When a potential roomie likes you, you receive a notification and they will be added to your likes page giving you enough time to decide to Like them back. Note, you are allowed to like or be matched with more than one person but always clarify with the rest when you have made a firm decision to stick with one person so they can continue the quest.



Contact Potential flat mates directly and safely with roommates you might be interested in. It avoids you sharing your contact with different people.